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Hey everyone,

I'd be very appreciative if anyone could give me some possible advice..here we go..

I'm a 3rd year Bachelor of Envs student, majoring in architecture at melbourne uni. I'll be graduating next sem with a gpa close to 3.5 on a 4pt scale. I'm very much interested in heading to the US or the UK for graduate school to pursue an M.Arch. My dilemma is that the schools that I'm interested at (risd, gsapp, sci-arc) require a 4 year bachelors degree for graduate study. My dear melb uni envs degree only has a duration of 3 years and so is not equivalent to a 4 year bachelors in the US. And I cannot do honours in an envs degree.

What do you suggest I do? Other than starting masters at melb uni and then leaving after a year.

Here are possible options that I have looked at..

1) Columbia University have a 1-year intensive studio program called "the shape of two cities: ny-paris" that is designed for recent undergraduates or people who are hoping to switch careers and apply for graduate architecture schools. It provides students with 32 credit points (equivalent to one year) which students can transfer back to their home institution etc..The benefits of this are that it will enhance my portfolio which is crucial for M.Arch admissions..but I am not sure if this will solve my problem.



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Are you sure about this? Many universities view 3 year degrees from certain countries as equivalent to 4 year undergraduate degrees from the US.

It's worth checking with the department first. I know that my 3 year degree in computer science from the UK is considered equivalent to a 4 year degree in computer science in the US.

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