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OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) for MLIS coursework programs?


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I'm applying to the MLIS programs at UWO, U of T and Dalhousie, and am also applying to OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) at the first two schools. I've applied to OGS and SSHRC for my MA in English before, and to apply I just outlined my plans for my research thesis. However, I'm planning to go the coursework route for my MLIS, and so wasn't really sure what to write in the OGS applications.

Has anyone else applied to OGS for a coursework MLIS? Did you discuss a research topic even if you weren't actually planning to pursue it? Or do you just write something similiar to your statement of purpose in the school applications?

I know OGS is a bit different this year as it is now through the individual schools, and they ultimately decide who gets funding instead of the provincial body, but I imagine they are looking for similar things. Or does anyone know what, in particular, U of T and/or UWO would be looking for? I'd find it weird to propose some research topic when the school knows I'm applying for the coursework route! I've been out of school for two years (working in a public library the past year), so I guess I'm just finding this a bit overwhelming/confusing.

Any insights on what sort of thing to write would be greatly appreciated! And on crafting the statement of purpose(s) - but I imagine there's lots on that in this forum, so I'll take a gander.


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I've actually been out of school for two years, so I don't really have a department. My references have been helpful, but they are Literature academics, not librarians so they don't really know precisely what a library school is looking for.

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The department does outline what they look for in the statement of purpose, but they don't actually decide whether I get the funding - that's through a separate body in the school as far as I'm aware. But it might be helpful to really look into the process and ask the department how much they deal with the OGS applications. They've changed the way it's done this year, so I think even the schools are a bit confused as to how it's working!

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