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Doing an IR Masters Before PhD - Couple Questions

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Hi all,

I'm considering doing a Masters before taking a shot at a PhD application to an IR program. My reasons are that I have only one academic recommendation from undergrad and I didn't take any quant courses (not even intro to econ). I have lower-tier excellent GRE scores and a very good (but not excellent) undergrad degree.

Couple questions about doing a terminal Masters before applying to PhD programs:

1.) Which programs are good/geared towards PhD prep? I hear that Kennedy School, Chicago Harris, and WWS are the best, while quantitative programs such as this one at Columbia are also good. Any others?

2) Of those programs, which are likely to accept someone who didn't take quant in undergrad? I know that rules out WWS and a couple others.

3.) If the Masters program is 1-year only, is it not recommended to apply for PhD programs during that one and only year? You don't have any grades on the table afterall.


/and yes, I just posted something similar at PSJR.

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