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Need advice on LoR


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I have two great professors who have agreed to do LoRs for me. However I am having some issues with my third recommendation. Back in May he mentioned in passing that after we review my research paper he would write a recommendation. I had conflicts all summer and only just sent him the research paper last week (I know bad but it was the best I could do). After sending him the paper he told me that he is going out of the country for three weeks and would talk to me when he returns. I sent a follow up email officially asking if he would write a LoR for me because one of the deadlines is December 1st and I wanted to make sure he had enough time to write the letter or I had enough time to find another person. He has not responded and I know he is leaving the country today. Should I wait until he returns or should I be finding another person to write a recommendation?

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Ah, I went through something like this myself. I decided to look for someone else and let the person know after I found someone. But, I would email this professor again letting them know the deadline again and giving that person the uptmost respect. But at the end of the day, this is your life and you by no means should sacifice your future at the hands of someone who might not have the time. Trust me, I stressed about this thing since August when my professor said she would write me a letter and never got back to me the several times I have emailed over the course of two months. By no means were my emails crazy every week emails; but they were at least three emails with no responses. I would check again and move on. IMO.

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I'm kind of in the same boat. I only applied to once school (for Jan) and therefore only asked recommenders to send one letter. Now, I haven't heard so I need to start applying to back up schools. Today I emailed one asking to do it for my back ups and she's getting married in 3 weeks and the next 2 weeks are her busy weeks :( She essentially told me she could do it only if she had time tomorrow. So hopefully the forms are emailed as soon as you fill out the LOR forms.

I would have a back up ready just in case. I have a couple of back ups. I just hate asking people to do them :/

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