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Philosophy undergrad to German PhD?


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Greetings! This is my first time posting on the Grad Cafe.

So, I'm a philosophy major (minors in German, Political Science, and a concentration in French) at a major engineering university (obviously we have a school for liberal arts too). I do pretty well; I have a 3.90 GPA, decent GRE scores (163 verbal, 158 quantitative, 5.0 analytic writing), and have held many leadership positions in extracurricular activities. I've presented at a few undergrad philosophy conferences and have recently been recommended for a Fulbright Fellowship.

My concern is my German. I've been studying for 13 months. Over the summer, I studied abroad in Germany, where I took language intensive courses for one month. Given that, my German professor let me skip the "Intermediate" sequence of German classes, and I am now in the "Advanced" courses. (I took "Beginning" last year.) My uni does not have any languages majors. My professor says I'm at the top of the class, and she considers my German to be almost fluent-- I just need to work on my vocabulary. It is certainly a bit rocky, but I can have a conversation quite easily, and can read and understand very well, I think.

My reason for applying is my interest in German thought. I am also applying to Philosophy phd programs, but I'm thinking that a Germanic Studies program would fit me better. I've studied Heidegger, Marx, and Critical theory quite extensively, and my senior thesis is on German literature and situated in German theory.

Do I have a chance of getting into the top-tier programs? Looking for brutal honesty here. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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