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For those that have studied abroad - are you including a separate (non-English + English translation) transcript from the foreign institution that you attended? Or, if the credits (but not necessarily the classes/grades) are listed on your U.S. degree-granting institution's transcript, does that cover you from having to submit the foreign transcript?

My "main" U.S. transcript says "study abroad" and shows the dates & how many credits (they transferred over as pass/fail) I obtained through the study abroad program. Doesn't give any detail about the particular classes. Wondering whether I need to go through the $$$ and hassle of getting a foreign transcript from the study abroad school along with the English translation of those classes. Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

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A lot of schools I applied to said that for US students, only transcripts from schools where you earned a degree need to be submitted (i.e. not transfer programs). But not all of them say this. Also, some schools only want official transcript after you accept their offer, so you can save money by sending unofficial transcripts upon application!

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Takeruk is right - it really depends on the institutions. I had 2 study abroad experiences during undergrad and when I inquired the 6 grad programs that I'm applying to regarding transcripts, I received many different answers. You should ask your prospective programs about their transcript requirements (and don't make any assumptions)!

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