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Centre for Comparative Literature at Toronto - Is it still at danger of being shut down?

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News about the university trying to dissolve the center to consolidated several Humanities departments in 2010 worry me as I am planning to apply there. Anyone has any info about how the program is funded and managed nowadays?


Also, I'm an international student. All schools I am applying to say they fund international and demestic students alike... But I heard in order to issue I-20 for student visa, I need to prove that I have the sufficient amount of money to cover full tuition. Is it true?


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Unfortunately I can't tell you about the potential status of the program, but I will warn you to be careful about U of T and funding in the humanities. If it's an MA program you're applying for but a phD program also exists, they often do not fund the MA students. I ended up turning down an offer for their English MA partially because they offered not a cent of funding (which according to a document I've seen is the case for all MA applicants). I sure hope they're more generous with international students. Good luck!

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Thanks for your input.

Unlike English dept, though, Comp. Lit dept offers a partial funding for MA students as well.

The idea of studying at a department that Northrop Frye himself initiated thrills me a great deal... ah, but right now it's a school that's a far reach for me. Good luck on your study!

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The ACLA is having their conference in Toronto next year... which struck me as possibly a political move, intended to signify support for Comp Lit there from elsewhere.

I got the sense that the big backlash against the decision to close Comp Lit made a fairly decisive impact... but who knows with budgets what they are.

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