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GRE for stat grad programs


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So I just took this GRE yesterday. Didn't have any time to study at all since I've been swamped with work (currently working full-time). Ended up getting a 161-V and a 169-Q (I don't know what I missed in quant...). I don't have much experience with this so I want to get your thoughts on whether those are good scores or not. I'm applying to statistics ph.d. programs this year.

Also I'm pretty sure I tanked writing but I'm not sure that will matter. I was half-asleep writing the essays...lol.

Should I retake? I think I could ace this if I had time to study, but I don't think grad programs care that much.

Or should I keep these scores and apply to programs now?


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Apply now. For statistics, quant is really all that matters as long as your verbal isn't absolutely horrible (which it's not), your fine..... There is not a single school that will reject you for those scores. Your acceptance is condisitional on the rest of your application, like LORs and GPA.

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These score are above solid, they are stellar. You do not have to worry about the GRE anymore, this is honestly as best as anyone can hope to do. Congrats! Spend this time now working on your personal statement, and other time-consuming parts of your application.

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