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What is the most preferred PhD concentrations in industry?


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I want to eventually work in vaccine development in a pharmaceutical company. There are alot of areas out there but which ones do industries particularly look for? I understant that they are more about application and skills, rather than theoretical concentrations.

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Are you still applying or are you in grad school? Sounds like you are still applying. I'd suggest to leave this question unanswered until you experience all of the different fields. Check out schools lik Keck (KGI) and City of Hope. These types of places build networks for you, which will be the easiest way into industry.

In many programs, you start out in rotations. The cool thing about City of Hope is that you can spend as long as you'd like in rotation, and you can try out many different labs across disciplines.

The good thing about Keck is that they also give you a business degree, which would look favorable on your applications to industry.

Just try and open yourself up to as many different possibilities as you can before you make a decision so that you can revise your aims as you learn what you want and what makes you a good candidate for a job.

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