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University shortlisting for Computer Sc/ Human Computer Interaction


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Hello Everyone,

I had a score of 1290 in GRE (510 verbal; 780 quants), I still have TOEFL to give, but I had a previous score of 108 (expired score). My engineering CGPA is 7.1/10 (Comp Sc). I want to do my MS in any one of the following - Human computer interaction or Ubiquituos Computing or Computer Science. I am currently working with 1yr+ experience.

I know for UbiComp I need to have a bit of electronics background, but I need some advice in clearing that doubt. Considering my profile, which universities should I aim for and which universities I'm sure to get at ?

For HCI, I guess there are specialized universities, so I'm a bit hesitant considering my profile. I have noticed many rankings, but its better to get information from the people who have done it. :) So, if you all can give me a broad idea or list of colleges where I stand a chance, would be really helpful for me

Thanks in advance

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Hi bksarthak,

I am sorry I cannot provide you with much input since I am also seeking the answer to the same question. You mentioned coming across some rankings. Could you share that information?


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