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Need help with my GRE score


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Hi evreyone!

I recieved on the GRE 157 in Quant and 147 in the Verbal. Should I take the test again?

I am an international student with a B.s in biology with amazing letters of recomendations including a great position as a assistant researcher in the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Should I apply for M.s or Phd programs and if so what are some of your recomendations for good Molecular/Micro biolgy programs in the USA.

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Your score matters depending on the program you're applying to. I'm from computer science, so I don't know much about biology, but it may help if you look at some of the top colleges in that field and check their grad admissions websites. They usually have the average GRE scores or minimum scores required for admission. Hope this helps.

I just googled the top schools in your field, and one among the top twenty is Indiana U, Bloomington. They state that for their microbiology graduate program, they recommend the GRE Biology subject test. It's not a compulsion, just recommended. No minimum GRE scores are stated either. They just say admissions will be decided after evaluated academics, GRE, SoP and the LoRs. Minimum TOEFL iBT score for international students is 100, though.

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