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First generation college student question

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I'm a first generation college student..should I try to convey this to the adcomm in any way? I got some funding for my first year in college bc of being a first gen. but it was a grant not a scholarship (does that matter?), which will be on my CV, do you think this is enough? Does it matter for grad school or has it been too long to not matter? I wonder for those who had supportive parents...did that really give them an advantage? Does the adcomm really care whether I had support going through all this?

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I think it may be worth mentioning in passing to perhaps show the strength of your resolve to pursue graduate studies, especially on those statements where the school requests that you discuss any adversities you have overcome or how you are "diverse" in some way. Also, if your qualifications/preparedness suffered in some way as a result of the lack of support/opportunities, it might help to explain it. Some adcomms might not care, but if you can weave it in easily, it can't hurt.

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