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There are probably some students, that have already been admitted, still using this great forum. There are always some posts where international students (like me) are asking about their changes because of their low verbal- and/or AW score. These same students often have great quant. and TOEFL scores. Therefore I decided to create this post and see if there are some admitted students out there that had low verbal- and/or AW score but good quant. and TOEFL scores and were admitted.

If you can help, then it would be great if you could fill out the following form:

Quant. score:

Verbal score:

AW score:

Toefl score:

Admitted to (University and degree):



I know that these two tests don't tell the whole story because there are many factors taken into account when students are admitted. However, these information could help.

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well, you should probably ask this question at the engineering subforum to have a field specific answer. I am an international student but as far as I know international students are evaluated on the same basis as American students in quants and in verbal.Toefl does not matter (because everyone has a good one). Aw does not matter (at least in my field) because you have to submit a SOP.

I also think that some people may not want to share the university they were admitted to to stay anonymous. Maybe you could have a more general category there like approximate rank.

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