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SESAME program - Berkeley


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I finished my B tech in Industrial Biotechnology, then did my Master's in microbiology . I worked on biofuels research. I graduated in 2010, worked for over a year for pretty big names, lost my job once. Then I was unemployed cos I couldnt find a visa sponsor. Now I m getting married and going back on H4. In the mean time I ve been thinking of going back to grad school.. doing a PhD.I ve been very drawn to education related programs more than hard core lab research.. I want to work for places like UNESCO.. I even looked at a science communication program in UC Santa Cruz, but they require subject GRE which I didnt write.

I am looking at programs only in the bay area. I retook my GRE recently.I got 310/340 total. I know its not good enough for Berkeley. But I am applying at Berkeley anyway. But Berkeley has a rule that you can only apply to one program per term . SO 1. should I risk it and apply to PhD microbiology or should I apply to SESAME program? does anyone know any more info abt sesame program? I am tired of trying to contact them. they wont reply. Is the program primarily for physical science related programs or do they tailor make it acc to ur background?

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