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HKS' "concerns about your academic record" essay.


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This is the optional essay in the HKS application.. I was originally planning on NOT filling it out, but am now reconsidering. It's the very first essay in the application. Does everyone take this opportunity to say something about their application? My first two years in undergrad weren't so great - but they weren't so bad, either - so I think I may write about that. I dropped a class sophomore year, and got some B-'s. I think I may just point out that my grades rose significantly over my time in undergrad.

When do you think it's warranted to explain an academic deficiency at HKS?

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In my case I am definitely using this. I had a consistent gpa until last semester of college when I had some personal problems and didn't act responsibly. GPA dropped significantly as a result.

In your case, a couple of B-'s are not a big issue, especially if there has been an upward trajectory.

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