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Low-ish GPA in EE at top Ivy, any chance of top school Masters?


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Hi, I know there have been some posts about low GPAs, but I'd still like to get some opinion on my situation.

My GPA is 3.18, which is not extremely low but definitely on the low end for anyone applying to grad school. I do go to a very difficult top Ivy (think HYP), so I wonder if grad schools take this into account at all.

GRE: 168 Q (97%), 163 V (93%), 4.5 (73%)

Do these GRE scores make me look like I didn't live up to my full potential? Or that I'm just a slacker?

I worked in a lab for a summer, now doing research for thesis senior year. I had an internship (that was tech-y) for another summer.

I don't feel like I know professors well enough on a personal level to get amazing recommendations, but some pretty good ones probably.

What are some schools I should consider for a masters in EE or CS? Or if you know of something going toward the professional route but not exactly MBA, like engineering management (I know Berkeley and Duke offer this).

Also, know that I'm not considering going the Ph.D. route, so just a terminal Masters. I am thinking about going into something like project management at a tech company. (California is best!)

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