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Machine Learning Masters/PhDs in mainland Europe


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I was wondering whether anyone knows of any strong universities or research institutes engaged in machine learning research in mainland Europe (i.e. excluding the UK)?

I've been eyeing a few in Switzerland, Slovenia, and Sweden but would like to hear your opinions before I substantiate mine.


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I am an undergraduate student, so I am not the best source for information but I know that there is a good professor at EPFL (Switzerland), and even if he is a new professor he has a very interesting research projects around Machine Learning and papers in top conferences. (check out his lab webpage about more information - I think that you should consider doing a PhD over there)

There is also Max Planck Gesellschaft and there is a top researcher, Bernhard Scholkopf (among the best worldwide), and he has many diferent projects in Machine Learning (lab website). He is also affiliated with many other good researchers, especially in Europe.

I have also heard about TU Berling but I don't know enough information about their program, nor other EU universities. But you should also consider UK universities, they are top (close to US universities).

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