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Do I need to propose a project for a MA-only program?

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It seems like a lot of the advice about application on here is geared more towards those who are applying for PhD programs, and I was wondering how applicable it is to those of us just applying for a MA. I am applying for the MPP program at Berkeley, and I'm not sure how specific my SOP needs to be about which professors I'd like to work with, etc, since the program is fairly regemented. Shold I list a few people who's work interests me? I can propose a project, but I'm not sure if I need to or should. The MPP program does include a thesis/independent study project, and I have a basic idea of what I'd like to do for that but not alot of details. Should I include this? Should I be researching the specific methodologies that the department favors and including them in my project proposal portion of my SOP? I realized after reading some posts on here that a lot of my SOP is really more appropriate for the personal history statement, so I need to rework the whole thing. Help!

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