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MS Electrical Engineering


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GRE: 304 (Q:160, V: 144, AW: awaiting), TOEFL: not taken yet

Degree: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B.Tech from NIT, Warangal (2012 passout)

CGPA: 6.97

Work experience: currently workin in ibm

please evaluate my profile and give suggestions.

I wish to apply for texas a&m


UT Austin

U of Arizona


What are the chances of me getting into any of these?

where else should i apply??

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I have no idea about the scale of your GPA. That being said and assuming you have a reasonable GPA, you have good chances for EE at ASU. Though ASU doesn't support his masters students. I am the only master student at ASU that I am aware of having Full Financial support as R/A in electrical engineering. I know couple of people supported on half appointments. Though, as I said, 90% of those I know are not supported at all.

In Power Systems and Solid-State Electronics ASU is one of the bests. I have no idea about other deciplines within EE here.

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