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Energy Programs- MPP/MPA


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for an MPP/MPA program which focuses on energy and energy analysis. In my preliminary research I have come across U-Wisconsin, U-Indiana, SIPA, and Sanford.

I am sure the other top MPP/MPA schools have great offerings, but I am really looking to immerse mysellf in energy policy. I've looked at SAIS but their energy, resources, and the environment seems more theoretical in the international realm than I would like.


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As a non-ERE SAISer, my perception is that the program is pretty practical. They do have courses like Electricity Markets. If you're interested in the private sector, a lot of them do concentrations in International Finance as well. Internships like working for Carbon War Room or energy-focused boutique investment banks seem to be really common. There are a couple of firms that seem to draw most of their workforce from ERE students and recent grads, in addition to the usual World Bankers. Amazing how clogged my inbox gets with short-term contract announcements.

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You know,


SIPA's energy program is amazing. A number of my best friends are in it. The internship opportunities too are ridiculous. For example, my two closest friends in the program are interning with a Russian oil firm or something in Moscow and the other with a new energy center in Brazil.


Also, as a SIPA student (not energy) I can say the opportunities all around are top-notch.

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A lot of SAIS ERE students go to the private sector, and I think the program is pretty good.

There are a lot of alumni who can support you as well.


Indiana seems really good though, and you get to take a lot more econ classes than at SAIS.

You also have a chance to take MBA classes as well.

My friend got into the investment banking division from the U-I MPA program (not particularly energy related but he was doing energy).


That said, as long as you get into a decent program, you will be a competitive candidate.

Pick the one that makes you convinced the most.

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