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PhD in Mathematics - Quantum Information Theory


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Hi everyone!

I Hope your day is going well. Thank you for taking time to read my post.

I studied pure mathematics in undergrad the for my masters studied coding theory. I would like to shift my studies towards quantum information theory. Mostly code creation, performance , and bounds. I am finding it difficult to locate schools that offer a program geared towards mathematicians. I already know about the programs at top 25 schools however, I doubt I would be able to get in.

My Stats: Undergrad : 3.3 GPA overall 3.7 Math State School

Grad Masters: 3.9 GPA State School

Awards : Grant from AMS 4 month math program

Grant for Graduate School from State (Full Funding)

Work Experience: Teaching Assistant Undergrad Calculus

Grader for Graduate Matrix Theory, Number Theory, Coding Theory

Defense Contractor : Applied Math

Last time GRE Math Subject: 70th percentile (Have to retake will do better)

Publications: Working on publishing combinatorics proof beginning of next year

Letter of Recs: 3 Amazing Letter of Recs from my professors. One regarding research, studies, and personal, One regarding research, and one regarding class work (Measure Theory Class)

I have applied to the top 25 programs because I have no idea where to go, and I did not get in. I do not care about rankings or prestige. I just want to get in somewhere and study.

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