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Too late to email profs?


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So I put things off, and lo and behold it is the middle of November and I still haven't emailed 3/7 profs I am interested in applying to work with. Problem is, I'm afraid that if I email them now, since it's so late, it will look sloppy, or like an afterthought.

Is it too late to email profs already (given apps are due mid-december) without looking bad, or should I get on that like, today?

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I see that you're in Canada too - I was going to start emailing profs within the next week, but my applications range from being due Jan 15-March 1. I don't see it as too too bad, at least it's not December 10 or anything.

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If you can get them out before the craziness of finals starts, then they may have a chance to reply. (I'd say if you're applying to U.S. schools, get them out

before our Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), because I imagine profs will be doing catch-up after that.)

If you mention in your email that you've already looked into their work, then I think that would alleviate any concerns about it looking like after thought. Something like, "I read the abstract of your article on X, and found it interesting. Do you have any other recommendations about what I should look into before I apply to your program?"

Good luck!

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Thanks! I hadn't thought of the Thanksgiving thing, that's a really good point. Also, bedmas, glad to know I'm not the only one in this boat :P

I sent one out after I posted and (already) got a pretty enthusiastic reply, so I'm going to go ahead and send the other two tonight.

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