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What are my chances with AU and Sciences Po?


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I am looking at AU and Sciences Po for their Masters in International Development. If I were to attend AU I would want to do the combined Peace Corps International Masters Program. I also want to do a regional concentration on Latin America.

Am just wondering am I shooting to high? If so could you recommend some schools more in my range...

Undergrad Double Major: Communications and Modern Languages from a small liberal arts school in Florida, Eckerd College.

-Modern languages meant I learned French as my primary language and Italian as my secondary. I also informally learned Spanish in Latin America and speak it at an advanced level.

- Graduated with Honors and a 3.66 GPA

-GRE: V163 QUANT152 Writing:4.5

I started my undergrad at The American University of Paris, later did a semester abroad at a French university.

Since college I lived and taught TEFL in Argentina, and started my own social enterprise travel agency that worked with NGOs in Latin America to send volunteers from the US to them. I have 2 years experience doing that.

I've independently taken Microeconomics and Statistics and took Macro as an undergrad.

I'm just worried because I don't have any direct experience in the development world. What are your thoughts on my chances?

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People don't like doing "what are my chances" posts because it's all such a crap-shoot.

I don't know much about Sciences Po. You quant score maybe raises an eyebrow, but if your letters of rec and grades in econ and stats are good I should think you're competitive for AU. Don't sweat your lack of development experience.

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