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One Bad Undergraduate Grade


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Hi all

So, I'm considering going to grad school in philosophy (i.e., being unemployed).

I go to a high end public school (not Rutgers, but whatever), have mostly stellar grades (over all GPA is 3.91) and strong(ish) GRE scores (99% V, 84% Q, 96% W). I have great recs and publications too.

Now, the thing is, I have all A's in philosophy classes (low to high) except one which I took as a Junior where I got a B-. Now I've been perusing the interweb and it seems that to get a lowish grade in your major as late as your Junior year is not looked on favorably. In fact, from what I've been seeing, it appears to be worse than getting a few B's freshmen year (because, hey, it's freshmen year).

I'm wondering if this is true, i.e., if having one bad grade late is worse than having a few bad grades early. Will this impact my chances, or will it be seen as an inconsequential fluke?

If it matters, the course was a 200 elective: metalogic. He taught it at a 400 level though, and assumed massive amounts of background knowledge in mathematics. I'm wondering if it won't matter so much, at least as long as I don't intend to specialize in philosophy of logic/math logic (which I don't) as a grad student.


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I don't think this will be problematic for you.

Considering that the grade was in a 200 level course means that regardless of when you took it, it technically should be considered as a part of your first two years.

On top of that your GPA and GRE scores are indeed: stellar. Thus the fact that you got a B- (which isn't really that bad) should not be a serious hinderance to your acceptance.

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