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if both ps and sop are required, how to arrange them?

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Hi everyone,

I'm applying phd programs in cs and now a question comes to me. Some programs require me to upload both ps and sop. I just wonder if I should discuss my extra-curriculum activities and how can it affect the admission.

Well, I have done several projects related to my research area, and I've described them in my sop, hence it's unnecessary to repeat them in my ps (I just mention them each in a sentence). However some of my friends told me that the ps should also focus on academical fairs since I'm applying for phd. Beyond research, I have won taekwondo competitions and organized seminars in other disciplines. I have also edited my univ's newspaper. So if needed I have lot of things to say, but I just wonder whether to include them or not.

If the program only requires one statement I will definitely focus on research. But for two statements... I have no idea. Anybody has the same question with me and how do you feel about it?

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