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Has anyone applied to this program?

The tuition costs are astronomical :wacko: but the website says that 95% of their students receive merit scholarships/tuition forgiveness.

Would anyone like to share their experience with this?

Also, how competitive is this program as far as admissions? I couldn't find a applicant statistics sheet like UDub offers.

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In my and several others' experience, SSA is extremely generous with aid. A lot of the full-time day students in my cohort were granted scholarships of around $22,000 renewable for both years. I received $18,000 the first year and $20,000 the second. Some people are offered research assistantships as additional merit aid, but there are only a few and they're granted on the strength of your application. Most students qualify for work-study funds of $4,500 per year, and in my experience there are always a lot of work-study job opportunities open. So while it's an expensive program on paper, I think it's manageable and the cost of attendance for most is less than most other private (and some state) schools with aid factored in.

I can't really speak to competitiveness because I'm not sure of the stats, sorry!

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