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Transcripts from summer class/ study abroad


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I studied abroad and took a summer course while in college (not through my home university). Most applications ask me to upload unofficial versions of my academic records for admissions purposes. If the grades from my summer class and my study abroad program show up on my transcript from my home university, do I still need to upload transcripts from these other schools?

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It depends on the university. In my case, I did a semester in a non-English-speaking country indirectly through my home university. I've received responses ranging from "we don't need anything for semester-long study abroad programs as long as they're on your home university's transcript" to "please send the transcript with a notarized translation (if not in English) in an envelope signed across the seal by the notary". In most cases, a scanned copy of the transcript is sufficient (which you can request, for a fee, from the organization through which you did the study abroad program, like ISA for example). Note that if they accept you and you decide to attend, you'll have to present an official copy.

It all depends on the university's requirements and what information is included on your home transcript. The best idea would be to contact each university's graduate admissions office individually. I've received generally quick responses from all of them.

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