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Will the GRE destroy my chances?


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Has anyone been admitted to a top philosophy PhD program with an average/not so good GRE score? I have had test accommodations for anxiety for my entire undergrad and Master's degree, but couldn't secure them for the GRE. I'm also terrible at math and multiple choice exams in general. I have taken the Barron's practice tests, and keep hitting around 158-160 verbal, and 149-152 quantitative. If I score around the same on the real thing (in 5 days), am I screwed?

This is particularly frustrating because the rest of my application is really good, and all of my professors are pushing me to apply to top 10 schools.

Other stats:

Master's degree from a Canadian university

I'm currently a PhD student (I was asked to stay on for an extra year and start my PhD studies with full funding, but the faculty knows I'm applying elsewhere)

I presented a paper at two conferences in the past year, including an international philosophy conference

I have a paper under review with a reputable journal

My writing sample is my paper that's under review

I have outstanding letters

4.3 GPA (perfect) GPA in my Master's year, and 85% cumulative GPA in my final two years of undergrad (my sociology grades brought down my average, and my first two years were a write off because of serious medical concerns- but I have documents and letters to back this up)

I have applied for external funding

I won an essay award in August, and came in second place university wide for another

Will the above GRE score absolutely kill me for applying to schools like UNC Chapel Hill, Harvard, and Columbia?

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