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Importance of major vs non-major grades


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Confused undergrad here in need of some help.

Long story short, when I was in high school, I had just really started getting into politics (I was a senior during the US 2008 Presidential Election and it was big, obviously). I wanted to go to college for something related to environmental studies and urban planning but was talked out of it and was told by a guidance counselor to major in a science instead otherwise, I'd be poor and miserable (yeah, yeah, load of bull). I majored in Chemistry initially, hated it and switched to Bio. Bio was okay, but I never wanted to be pre-med and I can't see myself stuck behind a lab bench all day everyday. So now I've gone back to the original plan circa 2009 of Environmental Science (the Environmental Studies major was recently phased out by my school) with the goal of getting a Masters in Urban Planning, Environmental Sustainability, Public Policy and the like.

Now that's all well and good except the fact that my GPA has taken a bit of a hit regarding the presently unnecessary classes I've taken. I have a string of C's in my 2 Gen Chemistry lectures (As ans Bs in labs, though) and a D in ochem (I know...). I'm also presently in Cell Bio (another class I no longer need) and it's lookin' like I'll have a C in that class as well. This cluster are the weakest spots on my transcripts. Outside of these, my lowest grade is a B+ in Brit Lit/Recent American History.

How poorly will these Cs, and one D, impact my chances of getting into a Masters program similar to what I mentioned above? I'm looking at a wide range of schools currently including my current institution, Northeastern, UChicago (long shot, I know), University of Illinois at Chicago, Ohio University, Indiana University - Bloomington, Purdue, and UMass Amherst.

I have junior standing, by the way, but won't finish until 2014.

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