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ScoreItNow for Analytical Writing section worth it?


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I take the GRE on November 27th, and I'm applying to a few English literature MA programs, so I think the AW section is probably the most important part of the test for me. I've done quite a few timed practice essays, but none of them have been scored. So, although I feel confident about my writing, I still have no idea how I will score/how I am currently scoring on the essays.

I read in an old thread on this board (that was posted before the GRE Revised came out) that it wasn't worth the $13, but I'm still considering purchasing it since scores are now typically given by a computer and a human reader.

At the same time, I'm worried that, with the deadline this close, a low score will freak me out and only inhibit my writing abilities on test day. (I have pretty bad test anxiety.)

Can anyone give me some feedback/advice on ScoreItNow? Are there other similar resources that provide the same services at a low cost with prompt feedback?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Does Score It Now make you write an essay on one of their questions, or do you get to submit a practice essay that you did on your own already for scoring. If it is computer scored, I would imagine it is one of their essays, and then it all boils down to whether or not their essay questions accurately reflect the GRE essay questions. If not, I wouldn't waste your time or money and a low score wouldn't necessarily even be an accurate reflection of your ability.

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