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One Year Econ Masters - from Poli Sci background?


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Would greatly appreciate some input on what I am attempting to do:

I am currently @ one of the 'Big Four' consulting firms, and plan to stay within the management consulting 'industry', but I would like to pivot my skillset and my type of work into some of our work that has an international/economic development focus. (I've been in this line of work for five years). Doing an MBA for two years doesn't sound appealing, especially since the only type of specialty or area I am looking to pivot into is more economics focused.

I am from the U.S. but willing/looking to go international for a good program and because most of our masters degrees are two-years.

Graduated from a top 20 (US) school - but my degree was in political science, and I took no econ work.

The program I was looking ideally @ was LSE's Economics & Management, however this program - along with many other UK programs, seem focused on students with an undergrad degree in Econ as well - not to mention it looks like a sub 10% admissions rate (?)


Any input appreciated, thanks!

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I can't speak to LSE's program specifically, but I do know that MA Econ programs in Canada will admit students with non-econ undergraduate degrees provided that they have a strong math background. I would recommend contacting someone at any department you're interested in to find out more. They may recommend a 'qualifying year' at their school in which you typically take high-level undergrad econ courses and they see how you do.

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