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MPP with Security Concentration Work Exp Question


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Hi all,

I am looking to apply Fall '13 for MPP programs with a focus on International/Homeland Security - for instance, HKS MPP, JHU SAIS Strategic Studies, possibly even Georgetown SSP. I am currently job hunting for something relevant to these programs to contribute to my resume for about a year before I will apply in the Fall. My question is this: how specific does work experience have to be? If I am interested in a security concentration, will they expect me to have solid work exp in security to get into the MPP program (I know Gtown SSP does)?

I am having a hard time finding job openings that are that specific, but have seen jobs in non-profits doing intl development, etc. I know those are good positions for Public Policy in general, but I feel that my "narrative" wouldn't make sense doing something like a non-profit that advances opportunities for women in Africa and then applying to a MPP with a focus in security. I am a little lost on where to go from here jobs-wise, advice would be greatly appreciated. I already have two years work experience in renewable energy, if that helps at all. I guess the basic question is: should I keep looking for something specific or take something more generally related to public policy? Thanks in advance.

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