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How many rounds of acceptances/rejections to schools usually send out, and how far apart? My boyfriend applied to MIT math, and hasn't heard *anything* yet, even though there have been at least 2 rounds of decisions sent out. The last one was very recent, but given that we're at MIT for undergrad, he should've gotten something at this point if he was sent one of the 2/26 letters.

It's very frustrating because once we have that decision, we'll know what we're doing for next year, and we'd like to start looking at apartments either here in Cambridge or at the other school he's going to go to if he's rejected from MIT. We've tried calling and e-mailing, but have gotten either "The process is still ongoing" or no reply, even though everyone else we know who applied there has gotten decisions :/ It's bad when you start looking forward even to a rejection, because at least then you know and don't keep getting your hopes up.

Just needed to vent about how annoying this whole process is, and wondering what other think is going on.

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I received a formal (paper) letter of rejection from MIT in the mail today. (I am on the east coast.)

A friend of mine in California received her formal (paper) letter of rejection from MIT in the mail yesterday.

I hope this means that if your boyfriend were rejected you two don't have to stew for much longer, though I still wish the two of your the best of luck and I hope he gets in.

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