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Low Undergrad GPA/High Grad GPA... do I stand a chance?


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Hello Grad Cafe Forum,

I'm a long time follower and first time poster.

All aspects of my PhD English application are strong, except my undergrad GPA. My grad GPA is a 3.9 but my undergrad is a 2.9! From what I gather from the grad cafe discussion forums, English PhD programs are highly selective. So often I read about the importance of personal statement, writing sample and reference letters. Yet, I'm fairly convinced that my underwhelming undergrad performance will eliminate me from contention before an adcomm can even get to my (IMHO) dazzlingly original and well-researched writing sample.

If you think I'm a dead duck, tell me so and save me the extortionary application fees.

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I had some rough times in undergrad and included two or three sentences explaining the low GPA in my SoP, quickly moving on to the successful points in my academic career. And yes - as midnight streetlight points out - a great GRE score (verbal) will help.

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My Verbal is 91%. I'd rather not say my quantitative scores. Writing scores haven't posted yet but I'm pretty sure I nailed it.

Also waiting in English Lit Subject test scores but I feel good about those too.

I addressed the GPA disaster in the SOP. I tried to be reflective about it...

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I am applying to PhD programs in Education Policy and have a similar issue (lower undergraduate GPA and great graduate GPA). I don't know if the following statement would also apply to English admissions, but I spoke to an admissions officer about my undergraduate GPA and she said "Your graduate GPA is more telling than your GPA from undergrad". This helped to boost my confidence.

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