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Ludwig-Maximilians Universität - Any Experiences?

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Hello. I am an aspiring PhD candidate and have had some preliminary contact with Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich.

I'm just wondering if there are any other PhD program students from LMU (or actually and German Uni) in this forum and what kinds of experiences you have encountered.

I speak/read German and am not worried about communication issues, I am more curious about the administrative and procedural cultures of the LMU (or any German) uni.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to share.

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I can't really say too much about doctoral programs in Germany and I got my master's from an arts school, which is obviously not the normal Uni. However, I did study at a "normal" German university for 4 years before that.

In my opinion, the main difference is the faculty's and staff's attitude towards students. At my school here in the US everyone is super nice, helpful and happy to have us here (or at least good enough at pretending). In Germany I always felt like an intruder who disturbs everyone, asks stupid questions and is merely tolerated but not really welcome.

I believe LMU is a great school. I do know a few people who went there / are still there. I do think that it will be a bit of a cultural shock though ;) Not German culture but German university culture. You need to be very proactive and persistent. People will be rude and professors busy. Other than that and especially if you don't mind working independent, you'll be fine.

In addition, Bavarians are very warm compared to other folks in Germany...

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Thank you for this kind and thoughtful reply. I think my prospective "doktor {parents}" are going to be wonderful, but so far the various office staffs have been a bit ... resistant ... more like in a Francophone country. It is actually very useful to know that this is a "normal" experience. :)

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