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Low verbal score for GRE! should i be worried for civil engineering graduate program??

Raja Jul Haziq

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i have not taken my GRE yet, but im expecting around 140 for my verbal score and about 160 for my quantitative part. I am an international student. Below are my details:

BS Civil engineering from University of south Alabama

CGPA 3.98

One summer internship in Malaysia

Actives in extra curricular

Applying to:



U of Washington


What do you guys think about my chances in getting admitted for civil engineering master program? Really need help hear guys!! Thanks a lot!

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Rice spells it out for you:


Official GRE General Test Scores: Must be taken within last five years. Please request official GRE scores to be sent to Rice University using Institution Code 6609 and Dept. Code 1102 for Civil Engineering or 1103 for Environmental Engineering. For GRE tests taken prior to August 1, 2011 the department requirement is a combined score of at least 1100 with at least 450 on the verbal section. GRE tests taken on or after August 1, 2011 must have a combined score of 301 with at least 150 on the verbal section.


I don't know about the other schools, but if your verbal is low, you really need to make sure your SOP is excellent and free of errors and your LORs are strong.

Have you taken the TOEFL?

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Hi Raja, 140V is 10th percentile. I think you'll miss the cutoffs at most good programs with such a low score, it will raise a red flag. Just my honest opinion... I would try to study your verbal as hard as you can before your GRE test to try to raise your score as much as possible. Good luck.

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