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undergrad references from entirely different discipline


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I'm applying to MSW programs and will likely be able to get at least one strong letter from my current job in social work... but I'm not sure what to do about the other two letters.

My undergrad is in microbiology, so I'm not sure letters from my old professors would be beneficial. I could contact professors from different departments, but they've can't really vouch for my social work skills.

I've changed a great deal since my undergrad work, but I'm concerned about having all my letters be from my current job.

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If they can vouch for you character and ability to work hard, the letters will be beneficial. If the prof is from a different field and all they can say is "this person got an A" then definitely don't have more than one of those.

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One strong professional LOR is good, but I think the others should come from academia.

Briefly explain to your letter writers how you've personally and professionally changed and grown since graduating. You can attach your SOP and CV as they detail your evolution from micro to social work and elucidate your new goals. (I did this as an out-of-field applicant applying for speech language pathology programs; all of my LORs are coming from my former English professors.)

It's most important that your letter writers can attest to your skills and strengths as a student. Hard work and enthusiasm are valued in any discipline.

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