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Switching for Materials Engineering to Petroleum?


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I recently graduated from a well reputed University in Pakistan completing my BE in Materials Engineering. I never had interest for Materials Engineering in the first place but I had to take up this program since I was not in favor of wasting an year. The end result is even worse, I graduated this July and the job opportunities have been very limited. More than half of my Batch mates are still without a job, even those with references I've tried my best, sent Resumes by hand, get in touch with people through linked In, keep a follow-up through phone but still no luck. Most of the work that should be carried out by Materials engineers is either done by Mechanical or Chemical Engineers. In Pakistan, companies too are unaware of such engineering field, and it might take up a few more years before this degree gets some attention.

I always had interest in the oil and gas sector. The only good thing that I heard these 4 years was that Materials Engineers are required in the Oil & Gas sector as either Corrosion/Welding/Inspection Engineers. I always wanted to work in the Oil sector as a mainstream Engineer like in the case of Petroleum Engineers (Well/Drilling/Reservoir).

I am already being criticize for pursuing a degree in this field. So I have to make my next decision very wisely. I plan to do Masters in Petroleum. Is it possible for me to apply to some a discipline other than Materials?A few of my friends applied to University of Stavanger, Norway who had much higher GPA then me and their application got rejected since they had not take any introductory courses which are taken at BE level of Petroleum.

This has put me in a lot of doubt whether I would be able to secure and admission in Petroleum discipline. My CPGA is 3.03, I have secured overall 7.5 in IELTS and 280 in GRE. My second preference is Mechanical, but I really want to work in the Oil & Gas sector.

I have also been tangled between going for an MBA rather than Masters? Is MBA a wise decision if the field doesn't seem too promising?

Your opinion would really help people. Looking forward to your response.

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Your opinion would really help me make a decision people. My friends from BBA or BS Economics/Finance say go for an MBA while friends from Engineering disciplines are suggesting me to go for Masters in Engineering. So I cant really say who is right as their opinion is biased.

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