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Non-traditional Student Scholarships


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I will be out of school for more than two years when I apply to graduate school, which I'm told might make me eligible for certain non-traditional graduate student scholarships. However, upon looking for these I couldn't find any that I qualified for. Does anyone know of some? My GPA is too low for NSF and I'm white male, so a lot of the others are out.


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If you've been working in industry, you might want to check if your employer will partially or fully cover tuition or even has some sort of joint program.

I wouldn't rule out the NSF on the basis of GPA though. With some time away you can write about it in your personal statement to show how much you've learned and matured. Also, you could take a couple courses at night or something if you have a nearby university to demonstrate you can make the grades. These could be things you didn't take as an undergrad that support your graduate research interest. Since it doesn't require GRE scores and you can use unofficial (downloaded) transcripts, it costs nothing to try for the NSF. It also helps others in your field since the number of fellowships awarded per field is proportional by applicants.

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This isn't meant to sound like a snide but all graduate students are non-traditional. "Non-traditional" only applies to undergrad. Try looking at your schools websites. They have alot of information about funding in your particular area.

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