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What schools do I have a chance at, what can I do to improve my chances?


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I'm interested in going to a top IR school to study human security with a regional focus in Asia, but I'm worried that my GPA will sink my chances. I've already applied to Fletcher for early admission. I'm interest in GWU and American. Do I have a chance at these schools? Also which is best for human security issues.

Schools Applying To: Fletcher School at Tufts, Elliott School at GWU, SIS at American, Korbel at DU

Undergraduate institution: Appalachian State University - 2008, Two online Masters classes from a regionally accredited school, both A's in research methods and intro to IR

Undergraduate GPA: 3.2 Cumulative

Undergraduate Majors: Political Science with a concentration in International Relations

Study Abroad: A month long course in Greece

GRE: Verbal-166 96% Quant- 156 68% Writing- 6 99%

Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 4

Years of Relevant Work Experience: 1 Year working for an Australian Education portal/agent as an administrator/admissions agent where I was responsible for managing partner agencies in India, Pakistan and Nepal, as well as working on a marketing strategy aimed at Malaysian students. two years teaching English in Korea, 6 months working as a team building and leadership facilitator in Singapore, 6 months as an intern for Organizing for America, Obama's grassroots organization

Languages: Advanced Korean and Intermediate Spanish

Quant: B+ statistics, B- Macro econ., A- research methods

Strength of SOP: fairly strong, worked hard on it, and had lots of unique international experiences that are relevant, so that helped, for the Fletcher one I might have about two or three sentences that restate my resume that might not be so helpful, but I talk about how those experiences lead me to wanting this type of career, and how they will help me attain it. In the Fletcher one I talk about how meeting Fletcher students in Seoul lead me to choose the school, so I hope that personal touch will help.

Strength of LOR (be honest, describe the process, etc): 1 strong one from my boss at the Australian education agency. He is also the founder and director, and talks about how much he trusts me and responsibility he gives me. One from a professor I had for a online grad course that I got an A in, and one from an old undergrad professor that I had 6 classes with that should be strong.

Other: I feel like my application is strong, but I'm just stressing out about my 3.2 GPA


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No comment on your chances, but as for programs GWU might be up your alley. The Elliot School offers a specialization in security & development under the SPS degree, and two of the professors recently edited a book on the subject.

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