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Which of these people would you ask for my last LOR?


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I know there are quite a few topics like this but I could use some help choosing the best person to ask to write me my last required LOR.

I should mentioned that I am NOT applying to graduate school at this point, but rather two summer internships in survey research and social science research, either of which would be an extremely valuable and important experience to me so I'd like to secure the best LOR possible. I figured I might be able to get some good advice here as you all are familiar with asking for LORs.

I am required to have 2 letters and I already have secured a strong one from my statistics professor. I'm having trouble deciding who to ask for the second one.

1) The director of my current internship at my university's survey research center. I feel like it would look good for the survey research internship I am applying to, to have a LOR from someone who works in the same field. However, I am not sure how strong of a letter this would be as I have only been interning there for a little over a month and most of it has consisted of basic data entry work as they are kind of in between projects right now and don't have much for me to work on. But I am worried that if I DON'T have a letter from her, that it may look equally as bad, as I address this current internship in my statement of purpose and am afraid that the admission committee would question why I was unable to produce a letter of recommendation from said internship. Any thoughts on this?

2) Professor A, who I took two classes from at community college before I transferred to my current university this semester. These were two introductory level classes in major (economics), both of which I received high A's in. He knows who I am and I have spoken with him a couple of times outside of class for advice on my degree plans and intended career. I wouldn't say he knows me well, but perhaps slightly better than someone who just shows up to class for the grade.

3) Professor B, who I took an online marketing class from this semester. For an online class it was very involved, with a large group project and several other projects throughout the semester. While I have not yet had the opportunity to meet up with her in person, I have spoken with her several times about advice for my degree program and career options. She was very interested and willing to help and wants to meet up with me next semester when she is back on campus. When giving me my final grade for the semester she commented "It is obvious that you enjoyed the work because you performed so well in the class. We need people like YOU in marketing! I hope to see you in the spring as we discussed. Thank you for doing such a great job this semester."

Thank you for your input! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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