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For Master's Program- do you still have to specify which professor you are interested in working with ?


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I'm applying for a master's program this fall and was wondering if it's the norm to indicate a professor that you are interested in working with in you SOP even for a masters program application .

I know it is required for a PhD program but I wasn't sure if that's also the case for a master's.



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It depends. Some master's programs, like BU, really aren't mentor-based at all. Others, like Drexel, are very much mentor-based. If you read through the website for each program you should get a good sense. When in doubt, specify.

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Yes, you definitely do. I'm a master's student in psychology and for every school that I applied to, I specified a few professors that I would like to work with, and didn't apply to schools that didn't have a PI whose research was very related to mine. Additionally, now that I'm in the program, I'm in my PI's lab and work exclusively with him on my thesis.

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