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Listing "alternative" classes and conferences on CV


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Hey everyone,

1. I am currently taking a once-a-week class at an independent educational center. It's not a college or university, just a group of Marxists (many of them PhDs) that teach classes and put on lectures. The class is in my field of study, taught by a PhD n' all, and is otherwise a pretty legit class. How and where do I list this on my CV? I feel like it would be awkward to list a stand-alone class under the "education" section where my B.A. is listed, and I'm not even entirely sure how to format it.

2. I've been to several non-academic conferences in my city. Weekend long, many lectures, workshops, discussions, and related to topics I want to study [for example, I want to study environmental politics, and one conference was about food (legislation, food justice, nonprofits, community organizing, etc]. Should I list conferences like this? I feel like it would be a loss if I didn't. How do I format or describe them? under what header? I'm not sure I should say something like "Conferences Attended" because although they ARE called conferences, I feel like that would suggest "real" academic conferences. Any ideas on how I should frame this?

Thanks for any advice! I hope yalls applications are coming along smoothly!

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You probably shouldn't list either one. If you're set on listing the course, add an addendum and list all your relevant coursework (including from your BA), not just this one course. As for listing conferences you didn't present at, I would advise against it unless your field has different conventions than mine. Again, if you choose to list these conferences, be absolutely clear about them being conferences you attended but did not present at. You don't want to create a false impression that you presented at conferences where you did not - that's something that is very easy to verify.

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