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Any idea what HKS MPA acceptance rate is?


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Why not? There are a number of grad programs at Ivies that have exceptionally high acceptance rates...particularly at the masters level. One of my alma maters is an Ivy, and it has some programs w/ surprisingly high admit #s.

ETA: You may very well be right. Maybe Peterson's is wrong on that one, but it's def. not unheard of to see numbers like that.

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Peterson's is (usually) inaccurate. Most of their numbers appear to be outdated by several years, if not more. For example, I just looked up a similar program to HKS and the tuition rate was off by over $7,000.

Yeah no way peterson's is right. I'll be shocked if the MPA2 has an acceptance rate of higher than 25%. It's supposedly more selective than MPP.

I think the mid-career and mason programs though are pretty easy to get into. Maybe peterson's 61% rate is those programs.

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