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Stanford Bioscience App-Incomplete Status?


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Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you guys ran into a similar problem. I submitted my app to Stanford on time and using there online checking thing I see that my GRE scores arrived, my recco letters are there and my payment's been processed. But my application status is still "incomplete". Did anyone else run into this problem? Or even know what it means?

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Not in Bioscience but I saw this post from the main page. Is your application otherwise submitted? Mine says the same thing, deadline was Nov. 20, underneath "Stanford University - Application for Graduate Admission for Autumn 2013-2014" it says "Payment accepted, form submitted successfully" but then under the checklist, under application heading, it says "Application Status: Incomplete"

I think, for me, this is because they have yet to receive the 2 official transcripts from my undergrad.

You may want to check the requirements for your application, or e-mail the grad advisor to ensure that you've submitted everything they need for the early review process. Another possibility that ran through my head when I saw it was that it just meant the review process is incomplete - they've yet to make a decision either way on your application.

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Thank you for your response! The program head got back to me saying that she noticed it too and it was weird but everything was properly submitted so I don't need to worry about it. yay! :)

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