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Transcripts for summer course?


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The schools I'm applying to require that you upload a scanned copy of your transcript, and some also require official transcripts to be sent. I attended one university for my entire B.A., except that I took one summer course at a different university so I could work a summer job in my hometown while also earning a credit. The summer course is listed on my home university's transcript as a transfer credit and it does specify the university, but it doesn't list the grade I received (which was good). When filling out the 'academic history' section of applications, do I need to include the university where I did the summer course, and do I need to upload a transcript for it? That's what I had planned to do, but it seems the 'academic history' section is really asking for info on places where you did an entire degree, and not on places where you did a brief study away... any advice would be appreciated!

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I've always listed the summer courses I took separately, and uploaded the transcript, unless the application specifies 'degree granting institutions.'

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