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Applying to Two Programs at the Same School - Doable?

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Do different programs communicate with each other. For example, would it be possible to apply to an International Affairs Master's and an Asian Studies Master's at the same school? Would the different programs find out? If they did, I imagine they would not be pleased at a 'lack of focus.'

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It depends on the school -- some places only allow you to submit to just one program. Other places only allow you to submit to one program but there is a question that is like "do you want to be considered for another program at this school?". Some other places let you simultaneously submit to two programs at once and other programs have no restrictions -- but you have to submit (and pay the fees twice) separate applications.

Usually there is an entity that oversees all of graduate studies (e.g. "School of Graduate Studies") and applications actually go there, so they are likely to be able to see that you applied to more than one program. I think the best thing to do is to talk to the programs you want to apply to and let them know your intentions.

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