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Admission to Canadian Grad schools


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I'm planning to apply to a few grad schools in canada(again)

I just wanted to find out about peoples experiences and if someone has been in a similar predicament as me and what became of it?

I have an average GPA(3.06) in my undergrad(with a 2.94 in the last two years) from a top ranked pakistani univerisity(i will be applying as an international student). And i intend to study further in Canada by pursuing a masters degree.

As i have visited many forums in the recent months and also applied to a few canadian universities(Alberta and SFU) i now know without any doubt that it will be almost impossble to get into a research based program. So im thinking of going for a MEng program.

so my question being has anyone heard of or gotten into such a program with grades similar to mine , if yes(and i hope there are some yeses) which school did they apply to?

Btw i have no working experience excluding my 2 internships. did do an industrial project as my final thesis got an A in that.

Should be scoring between a 7.5 and 8 on my IELTS

and im aware of the million of threads similar to mine on already present all over the internet so please don't educate me on how not to waste my time, but if any one has any advice that'll help me answer my questions im all ears

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