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LOR no response from Prof


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It has been 3 weeks and 2 emails later no response from a former professor for a LOR. I am applying to an engineering graduate program,

I took 2 classes with her, got As and I engaged her outside of the classroom. I work at the patent office and I already have 2 LOR from my

bosses I can probably get all 3 from bosses at work but I think that would dilute my application. I need at least one professor, should I call

this prof and leave a message. I hate being pushy, she was always the busy, super-frazzled type, I just need to hear a no or yes from her.

I don't know what to do deadline Dec 14.

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Did she already agree to write the letter? If so, call her and also send emails with urgent subject lines. Don't worry about being pushy, but remain polite.

If she hasn't even agreed to writing one, I guess call her and supplicate, but don't expect much.

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