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What do you guys think are my chances?


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Hello everybody. I'm new to the forums so hello. I wanted to ask you what do you think are my chances for being accepted in a Master degree program in Geology. I know it is very difficult to predict, but may be some of you have some experience. I'm a international applicant -from Venezuela- and I'm planning to apply to the following Universities:

- University of Oklahoma

- University of Houston

- University of Minnesota

- University of Wyoming

I took the GRE test yesterday and scored 156 V and 158 Q. Quants is a little low so I'm kind of worried. My bachelor degree is in Geophysical Engineering, GPA of 3.0, scored 112 on the TOEFL IBT and I have 1 year insternship experience and over two years of experience as a Geophycist in the oil exploration industry.

Well guys thanks for your attention. Bye

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